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My love for developing natural beauty recipes stems from my childhood. I have grown up in the countryside in Finland and lived close to nature all my life. My childhood home, where I was surrounded by the amazing plants and botanical actives that inspire many of our formulations today.

I’ve always loved the amazing synergy of nature and how it relates to health. And so, I made a choice that i take control of the products I used and said a big NO to bad chemicals. So it just made sense when i start with a field of cosmetics, I chose organic.

The brand name Anumati Naturals was inspired by Anumati, goddess of spirituality. Also meaning “Permission” or “To grant a permission”. Anumati is the beholder of a formal activity of mother nature i.e. permission/s. As a basic discipline encapsulated in every creature in this nature of “Permission of Activities & Events”; this deity (Goddess Anumati) makes it peaceful, childlike and calm as the featured “Moon”; to the creatures of this universe which majorly includes “Human Beings” on this planet earth.

Prehistoric women in my family has been exemplary to me, These strong-minded women have been progressive and productive with a deep appreciation for the beauty and love that surrounds us in life.

If you believe that nontoxic, cruelty free self care is the beginning of caring for our families, our community and our planet, then we have some products created especially for you. I’m joyous to share this delicious knowledge with you. Our intentions are pure and so are our products.

omenan kukka

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Vanilla Body Mousse

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Herbal Effect AHA-Peeling & Herbal Effect BHA-Peeling

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Couperose-CE Serum

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Take Anumati Naturals as your daily skincare product, as with the right kind of products you can fight against and prevent your skins aging. Activate your natural glow and enjoy your life!


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