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Anumati Naturals is a professional skincare set based on phytotherapy and skin nutrition that provides holistic skin care.

The series has been created inspired by Finnish nature and folklore. Nature is a source of well-being for the skin and its most complex raw materials, ranging from plants, from flowers to berries. Each product is filled with plant extracts and natural nutrients that complement the skin’s natural functions, preventing skin imbalance and signs of premature aging.


Anumati Naturals represents organic cosmetics, which are bound by organic cosmetics values. Our products are also
researched and inspected by non-biased entities in the field of organic production and the safety of cosmetics. The basis of our products are the active ingredients whose synergistic compositions improve each other’s healing properties.

all Natural

Nature provides us with physical and emotional well-being. Our natural relationship, based on genetic harmony, has always existed, but we have, in part, lost it in the present time. When we find the connection again, we naturally receive effective and visible results for the well-being of the body and mind. We believe that the same connection and values also apply to skin care. 


Every ingredient in our products has an important role to play. Whether moisturizing and nourishing, firming or finding a balance, each ingredient is carefully selected due to its unique effect and interaction with other ingredients. Each of our products is filled with plant extracts and natural nutrients that complement the natural functions of the skin, preventing skin imbalance and signs of premature aging.

Beauty Products

Anumati Naturals has a successful organic skin care kit for everyone.

Skin care products should not deviate from the healthy diet. We need the same rainbow antioxidants in skin care as our internal nutritional.

The Anumati Naturals product range contains a remarkably high amount of skin-caring, active herbal ingredients. Every ingredient in our products has been carefully selected to interact with other ingredients as a result of its individual influence and synergy.

Our products have a high antioxidant nutritional value. Antioxidant plants, berries and fruits-in all colors of the rainbow nourish, cleanse and beautify the skin. The skin is able to recognize and accept each ingredient as a natural part of itself.

Our Product Guarantees

Our Principles on The Best for Less!

Each of our products carries a message about humanity, goodness, Synergy, Love, happiness, and cooperation.

The products respect and maintain the optimum pH and moisture balance of the skin, which makes the skin both feel and look healthy and vibrant. Our skin care is versatile and designed to meet all the needs of the skin. Their compositions and ingredients are designed to work together and complement each other.

Life is full of choices and compromises. Your beauty routine-what you put on your skin  every day-shouldn’t be one of them.

That’s why Anumati Naturals was born, a desire to create a truly organic cosmetics set: To give you the opportunity to take care of yourself, your loved people,  and the world around you. It will  not compromise  your skin care.


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