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My life is largely crystallized around these themes. I experience that beauty is about the balance between inner and outer essence. When you affect your skin and your external appearance, it helps you feel good internally. While investing in your mental, psychological, and emotional wellbeing, you start to want authenticity, naturalness, and quality, including how you treat your body. I got the idea from my own cosmetics series in 2010. The first product, a full-bodied moisturizer, was completed in 2011. Now the series contains almost 40 products. My skin care kit is aimed at women and men who want high-quality, natural and ethical cosmetics. I personally care that the whole production chain of my skin care products is as ecological, clean and Finnish as possible.

In my work with Anumati Naturalsin, the best part is the ongoing research, the properties of plants and their active ingredients. The choices and combinations of ingredients are based on my research and development. The knowledge of Finnish plants is largely folklore, information that passes from the mouths to the mouth. Inherited data is a true information pack, from practical experiences that will appear today. Return back to their roots, surrounded by nature and science.
Anumati Naturals was born after knowledge, creativity as well as passion combined to create safe and clean natural cosmetics. Anumati‘s roots are deeply in Finnish nature and the diversity of the seasons creates a rhythm of life, as it is intended. The fascinating life, teachings and traditions of past generations, respecting nature.
The work has called for years of familial knowledge in the field, as well as training in herbal medicine, chemistry for the nutrition of the skin. My hand book on plants is already quite extensive. I have gained a lot of valuable information also in discussing with the Finnish peaks and meeting people who gather old and create new information about plants and their utility use. Much of my work is very tangible, expericulous and sensuous. My inspiration comes from my roots, the desire to honor old knowledge, and bring it to the needs of today.
As a result, individual synergy skin care products are created. Every product tells the story of folk traditions, the skills that the roots have grown to this day.
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