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MADE SAFE® Certification™

MADE SAFE® Certification™

MADE Safe® Official and internationally recognized is accredited. MADESAFE® A nonprofit organisation designed to cater for the safety of various consumer products. The organization acknowledges the made SAFE® certificates, the records are a guarantee, therefore, the certified products have not used the environment or the toxins that endanger people. In addition, the certificate guarantees that the accumulation of products and harmful substances does not occur in the body, decomposition into the environment and do not cause any separate damage to the ecosystem. The products are also nontoxic to aquatic organisms. Their process is completely transparent. The process takes into account internationally defined standards and checks the fulfilment of the requirements for the product. MADESAFE® performs a comprehensive product safety assessment based on the facts of the orders. The process is very strict and textconsuming. All the raw materials used must be of completely natural origin. The entire manufacturing process of the products produced by the company is examined accurately, from start to finish. The MADESAFE® Certified company demonstrates that it operates under strict certification criteria.
Anumati Naturals Ltd is the first company in Finland to be awarded a MADE SAFE certificate. The Anumati Naturals product range has passed the stringent requirements of the MADE SAFE® certification and is thus proven to be made from safe and reliable ingredients.
Why do we think this is an important issue? Through this certification, we can reliably and demonstrably demonstrate that when using Anumati Naturalsi products in your daily skin care, you are using only safe and tested ingredients made from premium raw materials. Domestic natural cosmetics products. You and your skin in mind.

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