Our Treatment Principles-Skin Food Treatments

Our face care is designed not only to give you radiant skin, but also to help relieve stress, calm the mind and re-energize the whole body. Skilled, trained Anumati beauticians define holistic Facial treatment just for you.



Scenic facial Treatment

The treatment focuses on the needs of the skin, the dismantling of stress and the awakening of inner beauty. Forget for a moment the outside world and come to experience a reconstructive effect. The stone massage affects the lymphatic circulation, the removal of slag substances, as well as helps tissues in oxygen intake. The treatment complex creates a harmonious and balanced mood. Treatment gives a deeper and longer lasting relaxation.
The hot stone used in the treatment is the stone, calming and selfresearching of the lucky love. At the physical level, the heat is attached to the digestive system and the flow of fluids in the body. The energy of the Moonstone is subtle, it evokes instincts and urges to listen to its own innermost.




The energy moonstone is subtle, it evokes instincts and urges us to listen to our own innermost thoughts. The moon stone is the stone of the liberation of emotion and the development of intuition. The moonlight is known for its balancing qualities, the strengthening of intuition, the opening of loving energy, and the support of the new beginnings. The heat is used to treat a variety of body currents at the physical level, which is why it may help to equate the menstrual cycle. In addition, the moon stone can treat digestive disorders and maintain a healthy metabolism.



Detox Energy + Facial Treatment

The facial treatment includes special masks, puriizing and energizing. Synergy, deep cleansing and stimulating the elimination of waste materials from activated charcoal and the ashes of Finnish birch. The harmony of Energizer and vitaminrich fruits and plants balances the skin. In addition, we relax the mind and body with acupressure and massage. The treatment is specially designed for stuffy, tired and gloriouslyneeded skin.



Radiance Beauty Facial Treatment

A special face treatment to restore the youthfulness of the skin. A refreshing, skincleansing facial treatment to remove oxygen absorbers and toners brightening and revitalizing the skin immediately. In synergy, the raw materials treat and prevent the reformation of pigmentation changes. The result is bright, flat and light-toned skin.



AHA and BHA acid treatments

Acid therapy is a gentle, superficial skin peeling. The treatments are suitable for many different skin needs. The skin gets fresher and its tone improves immediately at the first treatment. Both acid treatments brightens your skin, reduce pores, balance sebum secretion, smooths scars and fine lines, causing your skin to glow.
AHA Fruit acid Treatment promotes regeneration of skin cells and the removal of old cells. Especially suitable for dry and scaly skin, as well as aging skin for antiageing therapy, smooths wrinkles and skin discoloration.
BHA acid therapy is designed for the treatment of unclean, stuffy, large porous, acne pores, thick and lifeless skin. Treatment accelerates cell drift to the surface of the skin. BHA acid therapy focuses on the opening of blockages, without irritating the skin.


Every ingredient in our products plays an important role. Whether it is moisturizing and nourishing, solidification or balance, each ingredient is carefully selected because of its unique effect; and Interact with other ingredients with. Each of our products is full herbal extracts and natural nutrients that complement the natural functions of the skin to prevent skin imbalance and premature aging signs.

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